70 to 300 worms per square metre is optimum for soil health. However, you do need to feed them! Earthlove Global recommends feeding via compost tea, beneficial fungi and organic matter 🍄🍃

Earthworms offer many benefits, including:
• Nutrient availability
• Better drainage and aeration
• Stable...

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Full operation and all products have been created with care & attention. So that all customers recieve our highest quality products in 2020

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Earthlove Global - Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, supplies high-quality mycorestoration products and services. Products such as myco pasture seeds, myco powder and myco pellets for all soil conditions and circumstances. Add our product to your indoor plants, outdoor garden, pastures and a...

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We are supplying mycorrhizae products and services on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Earthlove Global products and services are restoring diversity growth and increasing soils right across Australia. To order or to book a mycorrhizae service, contact Earthlove Global or click the butt...

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Earthlove Global bulk mycorrhizae supplies. Plant and soil solutionist in Sunshine Coast, Australia, supplying the agricultural industry, local government and the ruminant industry in Australia. If you need to grow abundantly naturally, then you have come to the right place. Earthlove Global supp...

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Earthlove Global Agriculture Products Wholesaler

Welcome to Earthlove Global myco restoration Wholesaler. Requiring myco products and myco Services for Agriculture? Are you a industry growing in soil, then our network and mycology remediation systems are for you.

From seed germination to nutr...

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Earthlove Global is a wholesaler of mycorestoration products. You may have heard how amazing endo-mycorrhizae & ectomycorrhizae products are, but how do you know which one is the best for your ecosystem? Our team has created the most potent formula of mycorrhizae available in Australia, which dir...

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a year ago
I became interested in the Myco products by studying how this great system works. We are aware that poor agricultural/farming practices have contributed to soil becoming inactive. Therefore lower productivity. We must restore the original biology of soils composition. Bringing life back to the land. Which in turn will promote the potential for a higher and healthier yield (we all want that). Mycorestoration is the key starting block to deliver the fundamental life nutrients plants require to thrive. It just makes sense. This type of soil repair/nutrient system is the growing trend. As we are now becoming aware of the importance of our soils needs. Thank you Earthlove Global for leading the way to a more abundant brighter future.
a year ago
- Charlee B
a year ago
- Carla H

Mycorrhizae Supplier Sunshine Coast

Welcome to Earthlove Global - the leading mycorrhizae suppliers for the agricultural industry. We are the wholesaler of the myco products and services on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Mycology is the scientific research of fungi. We have created remediation systems to restore fungi naturally. Our network supply beneficial fungi to get your plants, land & soil thriving once again.

Mycorestoration gets to the root of the problems with plants. Myco products work on the plant's root system growing from the seed, increasing each plant's root by 100 - 1000 times to increase the plants' requirements. This uptake is all possible via Hyphae. Hyphae is the root of the beneficial fungi and soon becomes the mycelium web that connects one plant to another. Our myco-products connect and support plants symbiotically. Fungi cannot carry out photosynthesis; instead, they secrete enzymes into their food. Plants supply beneficial sugars for fungi to grow through the process of photosynthesis. In return, the fungi break down all the micro minerals and nutrients the plant requires. 

Mycoremediation will transform your land naturally and vigorously. Let us work together to bring back diversity through our products and services. After all, if fungi can break down minerals from rock and nutrients from organic matter, it seriously is a no brainer. Fungi can even transport moisture across vast landscapes effectively & efficiently. 

Our products and services cover all industries that grow plants in the soil. 

Contact Earthlove Global today for Myco products and services.

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